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How-to Video Production

How-to videos are a great way to help a consumer better understand your products or services. Jolly Lama, a company which specializes in skill toys like juggling sticks turned to Hartwell Digital Media to create how-to videos for each of the products in their line-up. Enclosed with the packaging of certain products or sold separately, the Jolly Lama DVD broke down in a step-by-step process the various tricks one could do with a certain skill toy, from beginner level to expert. 
For Jolly Lama, the benefits of the how-to videos were multitudinous... introducing new challenges to the user to make the product purchased more enjoyable, introducing them to other products in the Jolly Lama line-up for potential new purchases and eventually producing a higher skill levels in the kids that use the products, so they’re more likely to attract the attention of their friends and siblings, even other parents whose own children might soon be putting Jolly Lama products on their Christmas lists.    231-838-7424     Located in Traverse City, Michigan.    Have camera, will travel.