Traverse City TV Commercial Company
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clean high resolution video

HIGH Definition Images

Film-like 24 FPS 720HD or 1080i video carefully composed by a schooled professional

Traverse City TV Commercial Producer
Northern Michigan Promotional Video Cameraman
Northern Michigan Promotional Video Cameraman
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Founder, Richard Hartwell

Video Production

Script development, on-location filming, lighting, editing... the whole 9 yards! Serving northern Michigan and beyond.

Television Commercials

Local and regional broadcast-ready 15, 30 and 60 sec. TV ads, uploaded to the stations of your choice within minutes of approval.

Promotional & Industrial Videos

1 min. to 1 hr. videos that highlight the best of what you have to offer,  illustrate your mission or showcase your product, on DVD & the web.    231-838-7424     Located in Traverse City, Michigan.    Have camera, will travel.