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Corporate Video Production, Promotional and Industrial Videos

Video Production in Northern Michigan

Need a 30 second ad done right and affordably? How about a :60, :15 or even a :05? Hartwell Digital Media can help, with over a thousand quality commercials produced since 1998. Maybe you need a 3-5 minute promotional video to highlight all the assets of your business or property… or a 10 minute video that demonstrates the mission of your organization. Maybe it’s a 30 minute How-to DVD that you want to include with the packaging of your product. No matter what the length, content or aim of your piece may be, Hartwell Digital Media will work with you to develop highly-effective visual communications that show the best of what you’re all about to your intended audience. 
Professional grade tools and the latest high definition technology enable Hartwell to deliver quality productions at a competitive price. Canon 5D Mark IV SLR, Panasonic P2 camcorders and Mavic Pro drone, Sachtler support, Arri Lighting, ProMedia Slider, Kessler Crane and Orbit Dolly, ensure smooth, professionally-lit moving images in 1080p HD and even 4k. The cameraman is also equipped with professional Sennheiser Evolution wireless microphones for clear, long-range audio capture of talent as well as a Sennheiser MKH-416 shotgun mic with boom pole for close range, as well as a teleprompter. In post production, you can also expect state-of-art editing with Hartwell’s full suite of Adobe CC software including modern, tasteful graphics and animations. With sound editing and sweetening standard with every production, access to scores of local and national voice-over professionals and hundreds of custom-length music beds and sound effects from Hartwell’s extensive sound library, the soundtrack promises to be as a good as the visuals. 
The independent status of Hartwell Digital Media allows for more immediate service and flexible hours than most 9 to 5 broadcast facilities. When it comes to getting local advertising on the air in a timely manner, Hartwell Digital Media delivers, with turn-around times as fast as 24 hours. From initial creative consultation to the finished product sitting on broadcast servers, your ad is ready to run as soon as you approve the video preview emailed to your inbox. Flat rate pricing applies to standard productions from 5 to 60 second spots when Hartwell works alone as cameraman and lighting director, with prices starting under $1000. For higher-end productions typical of those required by casinos, airports and hospitals, a team approach can be implemented, with the appropriate staffing of production and lighting assistants as well as hair, wardrobe and make-up artists to ensure your image gets that “big time” look. 
Additionally, Hartwell is available for hire to other production companies as a cameraman, grip, jib operator and editor, with experience in Avid, Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premier Pro. Photography services are also available at Hartwell Digital Media as well as Graphic Design and DVD Duplication with on-disc printing of either supplied graphics or Hartwell’s own custom-made designs. In all forms of visual presentation, Hartwell Digital Media helps you move your image forward.    231-838-7424     Located in Traverse City, Michigan.    Have camera, will travel.